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Expertise in seaports, docks and harbours

With trade volumes on the increase, there is a growing need for infrastructural solutions. 澳门赌钱网 has an important role to play in the design and maintenance of seaports, docks and harbours.

International growth in trade has led to a dramatic increase in goods arriving at harbours and seaports worldwide. 澳门赌钱网 can help develop the kind of sustainable infrastructure needed to meet future challenges in this area.

An important part of what we do involves listening and asking questions to understand your challenges and ambitions as we work in partnership to build and maintain ports, docks and harbours, something which is critical to your business and the world economy.

We also have the environmental expertise needed for sustainable coastal protection and we can assist you with the design of shore power supply to marine vessels.

Kajsa Rosén - Chair of Market segment Transportation
Kajsa Rosén
Chair of Market segment Transportation

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