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Visualisation & Animation

Visual content for technical communication, marketing and sales

We produce content in form of stills and animations, ranging from informational stills to high-end animations to support companies in marketing processes with great respect for brand values.  

Producing content for marketing and informational purposes has predominantly been produced with photography and filmmaking in the past, but in the high-paced reality of today’s market companies have turned to alternate methods that let you produce content faster and ahead of time.  

With the technology of Computer Graphics and 3D rendering it is possible to produce content from CAD and 3d-modelling before any physical product is available. The result is more consistent to brand guidelines and makes for a better experience of your products and services.  

The Studio By 澳门赌钱网 has wide knowledge of producing content for these processes and are currently working with big and small brands to make better experiences and information.  

We provide:  

·         Still image production from CAD  

·         Animation  

·         Infografics  

·         Explainer animations  

Johan Folkesson - Section Manager, Visualisation & Animation

Johan Folkesson

Section Manager, Visualisation & Animation

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