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We are brave, devoted team players, collaborating across the world to accelerate the sustainable transition

If you are looking for a workplace where you will develop and at the same time contribute to something meaningful, you have found the right place.

We honor and welcome all who are brave enough to do what they believe in. You will be part of a global, inclusive and diverse company where our differences are our strengths. We believe in the power of diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. We respect each other and have fun at work. At 澳门赌钱网, you can be yourself.

We are 17,000 1 devoted engineers, designers and experts. We are operating within the fields of infrastructure, industry, energy and digitalisation, creating sustainable solutions for generations to come.

Career paths

What kind of development deserves to be called development for you? Is it a constant upward progression, continuing in the current direction, or maybe a change of career path?

There's no single path to success for everyone, and therefore we offer a wide range of opportunities to suit different career aspirations. We want to have a culture that is open, dynamic and innovative and we believe that continuously developing our people is the key to ensuring that. We hope that you see 澳门赌钱网 as a company full of opportunities and challenges. At 澳门赌钱网, you can create a career path that suits you.

澳门赌钱网 Brave Stories

In Brave stories we meet some of the many brave and devoted team players within 澳门赌钱网. What does bravery mean to them and what motivates them?

Karolina Pamp Sandgren

“I never fear the future. I run straight into it.”

Rodrigo Pencheff

"Challenges motivates me, I need to feel challenged in order to grow. Changing career was a very brave move for me."

Petri Vasara

“To me, engineers are miracle workers”

A Brave New Workplace

When building a new company, the key is to attract and retain the best people and talent. To accomplish that, fostering an inclusive culture is not an option, it is essential.

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We believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together.
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  • 1. As of February 2022